DBI International is an exclusive worldwide distributor of cutting edge audio products that help enhance your music experience.

We believe music is the most emotional form of art and we continuously search for better ways to make better quality sound available to the general public. We distribute the Lil' Wiz Bluetooth Speakers, i-Tuke Bluetooth BeanieDBI Pro Headphones, Niro Surround Sound Systems and Nakamichi CD & DVD Sampling Stations.

DBI International is a Canadian based company with warehouse facilities in Ontario Canada and Niagara USA.


History of DBI International

DBI started in 1986, when the Compact disc became a commodity. We helped music stores to find a solution to transform their store to accomodate the fast growing catalogue of CDs by offering them the famous LIFT fixtures from Austria. We repeated the same experience when the DVD became available to the video stores.

In 1995 we introduce to the Canadian market the in store CD listening station, after only two years we dominated the industry with a market share of almost 90%. Our clients experienced an instant growth in sales and kept adding more and more listening station in their stores. This incredible success plus the exclusive marketing expertise we acquired lead us to manage Nakamichi sales worldwide even in Japan their own country. Our list of prestigious customers included Virgin Records, HMV, FNAC, Archambault, Best Buy, Future Shop, Costco, Maxi, Mixup Musici-Mexico, Tower Records etc.. This journey lasted for a good 12 years were we had been travelling the world to implement our success story on all continents.

In 2002 we introduced to the market the first digital 5.1 sound bar, the Niro 1000, again today one of the best sounding sound bars on the market.

As music is now mostly sold via download we recently took the challenge to help you share the music stored on your personal device like Smartphone, iPhone, MP3, iPod, iPad, Tablet, Portable computer with friends and family by introducing to the market the tiny Lil'Wiz portable speaker.